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Demonstration Project of Geological Environmental Governance in Tongguan Gold Mining Area

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Shaanxi Province Tongguan Gold Mining Area was a typical mining area in my country from the 1980s to the mid -to -late 1990s.,disorderly mining、illegal mining、Disglement,or close the pit due to the exhaustion of resources、or because of the bankruptcy of the enterprise、Policy shutdown and reorganization,It has led to serious mines geological environment problems。
Issue I project area is located in Tongyu Town, Tongguan County, Shaanxi Province,The project started in October 2013,Complete completion of April 2014,Main governance tasks include river dredging、embankment project、Land covering project、Road engineering and greening engineering。The project has completed a total of 26,000 cubic meters to build a gear.,River dredging 110,000 cubic meters,Stabing 90,000 cubic meters,Building cement road 1.1 km,More than 2,200 green planting,170 acres of new cultivated land。
Through project governance,The level of farmland infrastructure and environmental construction in the area has been significantly improved,Geographical appearance and living dafabet mobile loginenvironment have improved significantly,Basically realized a reasonable structure from a severe pollution area to the structure、The transformation of the sustainable development area,Realized socio -economic benefits、Organic combination of ecological environmental benefits and engineering research benefits,Achieving the expected construction purpose,Realized the expected governance effect。
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