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Yuyang District Chahe Land Development Project

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The Land Development Project in Chahe River in Yuyang District is located in Chahe Ziche Village, Chahe Township, Yuyang District, Yanyang City,The original category of the project area is other grass and desert land,Starting in August 2012, Completed in December 2013。The total development scale of the project is about 5610 acres,New cultivation land is about 5381 acres。It is divided into 10 plots with irrigation partitions,Irrigation method combined with spray irrigation and drip irrigation。
This project is implemented after the use of Mao Wulu Sandy Sandy and Sandfu into soil,Reached "Tian、Water、Road、Forest "comprehensive governance effect,Become Tian Chengfang、Like the road、Tree Chengxing、High -standard modern farmland with well -equipped water and electricity,Society、Economy、Significant ecological benefits。

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