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Land Remediation Project of Nanniwan Town, Pagoda District

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The project is located in Nanniwan Town, Yan'an City, Shaanxi Province,It is a pilot project for major projects for land improvement in Yan'an City.,The total scale of the project construction is 8867 acres,Starting in March 2013,Completed in April 2015。It mainly includes land flat project、Field Road Project、irrigation drainage project and farmland protection project。
Engineering Highlights: First, the first general exploration technology is used in the land remediation engineering,Reasonable division of fields; the second is to study water with water and soil flow,Use the interceptor "Drought,During the waterlogging ",solved the problem of unable to cultivate the wetland under the channel; the third is to pass the "block、Storage、Creation "combined with the three ways of combination,Scientific cloth setting irrigation and arranging system,solved the problem of irrigation; the fourth is to lay a cover on the irrigation and arranging channel,On the one hand, it is convenient for biological traffic,Is a corridor of life,It is conducive to maintaining the ecological balance between the fields,On the other hand,Easy to penetrate the field,Feel the paddy field at close range。
dafabet loginApplication of a series of innovative technology and engineering measures,Try to make the project into an ecological people's livelihood project、Land Remediation Demonstration Engineering and Gully Land Model Project,Reappeared "Northern Shaanxi" style,While increasing production and income,Drive the development of the local red tourism industry。
Original appearance (flood ditch) During construction (divestitudes of the surface of the surface 1)
During construction (mechanical fineness 2) During construction (under the construction of flood ditch)
After rectification After rectification