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Land Development Project in Changhan Obao Village, Changhan, Langhe Township, Yuyang District

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The Land Development Project of Land Development Project, Changhan Obao Village, Changhe Township, Yuyang District, Yulin City is located at 70 kilometers in Chengxi, Yulin City,25 kilometers away from the Langlanghe Township Government,The original appearance of the project area is other grass and sand。The project is divided into one、2、5、eight、10、Thirteen、14、Fifteen groups of eight land development projects,First started on May 8, 2012,Completed at the end of June 2015。The scale of the project construction total 1578.97 hectares,New cultivation land total 1526.96 hectares。
Project closely combined with new rural construction,Targeting land utilization and output rate as the goal,The high -standard farmland built by the completion of the local agricultural production conditions,Realized "Tian、Water、Lin、Road、Village "comprehensive governance,It laid a good foundation for the large -scale operations dafabet mobile loginof local agriculture,Society、Economy、The three major benefits of ecology are significant。

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