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Optimization of the thickness and the stability optimization of the farming layer of the old river beach land in the old river channel

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Tentile person in charge:Han Yanchang

Source of topics:Shaanxi Provincial Science and Technology Development Plan (Agricultural Research) Plan(2011k01-36)

Project funds:80,000 yuan

Research content:This study combines model tests and engineering demonstrations,Through laboratory analysis and field monitoring,Comprehensive analysis of the thickness of the soil、The nature of the soil、The correlation between crop yield and engineering cost,On the basis of meeting the needs of crop growth and reducing the cost of engineering,Determine the thickness of the optimal guest soil; through simulation tests and engineering practice,Long -term observation and mutual verification of the stability of the plowing layer of guest soil,Technical measures to propose to maintain and improve the stability of the farming layer; establish a land improvement effect evaluation index system and evaluation method,Develop "Old River Wasteen Stone Beach Land Rectification Evaluation System" software,Comprehensive evaluation of land quality after rectification,To establish a set of engineering technology system suitable dafabet mobile appfor comprehensive rectification of barren stone beach,Promotion and application in similar land types。

Get results:1、Formulated "Evaluation Method for Rectification of Old River Wild Stone Beach Land",and developed "The Evaluation System of the Old River Wild Stone Beach Rectification and Evaluation System(v1.0)"Software (Registration Number: 2013SR064360); 2、A set of technical systems suitable for comprehensive remediation for barren stone beach