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Cao Yuan: Youth Flash on the Desert of Northern Shaanxi

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Cao Yuan (first from left) to carry out earthwork in the Gongcao Bay project of Shenmu County

Construction Group Yulin Branch,There is a 26 -year -old post -90s guy,He,It is the current deputy manager of the Land Development Engineering Department of the Yulin Branch of the Group and Deputy Manager of Yuyang Land Rectification Engineering Project Department -Cao Yuan。

26 years old,For many young people of this age,Perhaps in the comfortable environment of the bustling metropolis or the shelter dafabet mobile loginof the parents,Even though they shuttle between dazzling companies countless times,I don't want to go to the remote and backward mountainous areas,Not to mention the desert of the northern Shaanxi Yulin。But,Cao Yuan came here in December 2011,Five years! Five years of time,In the eyes of a deep person,Isn't it really nothing,Put in the long journey of life,It's just that the white horse has passed the gap! However,For living in a bustling downtown and a good family since childhood、Cao Yuan, who has never undergone any "wind and rain",But is a purgatory experience! During this period,His from the body to the soul,After unprecedented trigger、Struggle,Dustering!

December 2011 five years ago,Cao Yuan, who just stepped out of the university gate,full of blood and longing for the future,Applicated the Yulin Land Development Engineering Project Department of the Real Estate Development Service at the time,When I came to the project department station,He was stunned: Here,Wildsha vertical and horizontal,Rare smoke,Wind and cold,Not only the natural conditions are terrible,Life、The working conditions are also very difficult! then,It is the hard stage of the group's use of innovative technology to turn the desert to good fields。As soon as he arrived, he joined the second phase of Khan Khan and Mengjiawan's second phase of the "Turkish Lifting" project,Get up every day,Undertake the bitter cold wind,Carrying heavy instruments,Step on thick snow,Trouble climbing up the high dunes for measurement、Put the line,tired of sweating,Blowing cold wind,The sweat in the neck quickly ended again,Ice water melts into the back again; at night, I ca n’t see the five fingers at night, and I will return to the rented bungalow,Cold is really difficult to fall asleep,Just turn the stove to warm the stove until the two people are warm;,Lying on the bed seems to be scattered,Parents who can't help but miss the thousands of miles away、Girlfriend ...

Facing the current situation,dafabet mobile loginCao Yuan seems to feel like entering purgatory! Such pain、Torture and Destruction,He has experienced it! Can such a job continue?、Pain、彷 …… ………

It is under this kind of physical and mental suffering,He gritted his teeth and stood down every day,It was a role model for his brother and colleagues around him! Also leader、Parents、The encouragement of his girlfriend gave him strength!

Remember those years,He and many colleagues have an average of more than 320 days in the small house in the project department each year,Wind Mealing sleeping,Holding hard; he rarely takes a leave,Occasionally back home,Enter the door in front of the foot,The next day there is something to be urged,I have to return to the unit; delay the marriage period; parents are sick and hospitalized,Can't wait for it; there are some former friends and classmates,Because he cannot come to someone's wedding feast、Participate in Xiaoju, etc. and fades out of their vision ...

—— In the past five years, he lost too much and too much!

However, he also gained more pride -

People are hacked,But stronger、More healthy; less words,But more meticulous、More calm;

Mengjiaxiang, Yuyang District、Chahe Zexiang、Xiaoli Khan Township and other nearly 20 land development projects have him in the military merits;

The affiliated department -the second department of the real estate development service head office was won in 2011、Affiliated departments -Jianjian Group Yulin Branch won the 2014 "Advanced Collective"、The affiliated department -the Yuyang Land Rectification Engineering Project Department won the "Advanced Collective" of 2015; his paper "How to Be a Qualified Land Construction Group Engineering Technician" won "I have something to say" in the project " Excellent award; he personally won the land construction group and the Yulin branch "Advanced Personal" in 2015。

What makes him proud is: the red desert at the foot,Many places have become oasis,White potato flower blooms all over the ground,Vibrant; many of the projects he have participated,Bed for the benefit of the people。Each boutique project,Every detail they built dafabet mobile appclearly appeared in front of them! You can say it without exaggeration,A border in the wild here、A field block、At a glance、A cement road, etc.,Almost all carry a bitter and happy story!

Constantly learning,Constant summary,continuously improved,This post -90s young man grinds a sword for five years,Created a brand new self! In the past five years, the Group has also been built from childhood to big、Rapid growth、Five years of leapfrog development,He knows that he is just building the group that is particularly hard -working、Special ability to fight、One member of the special innovation team。

"The road is long and far away, I will ask for up and down!"

—— Faced with the future, Cao Yuan said ...