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​​Sheng Xiaolei: Land engineer who grinds a sword in ten years

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Sheng Xiaolei (first from the right) Investigation Project in Mengjiawan Village, Mengjiawan Township, Yulin

      How many ten years have you live in life,How precious the youth of ten years,He abandoned his reunion with his family,I have been struggling on the front line for ten years,His name is Sheng Xiaolei。

Sheng Xiaolei,People from Xiangcheng, Henan,Assistant to the general manager of Yan'an Branch,part -time manager of the child long project department。Participate mobilein July 2007,Started as Deputy Manager of the Project in 2008,successfully in Dali County, Weinan、Yulin Yanyang District、Yan'an Zichang County、Yanchuan County is engaged in land remediation project,Participate in the total scale of the project is about 65,000 acres,Covering saline -alkali land governance、Sand wasteland governance、Gulf land and other projects。2013 to 2015,Three consecutive years of "Advanced Personal Title"。

Rong  Enter

July 2007,Go out of college campus,Running to Dali Gaocheng Land Rectification Project。Facing the lack of new knowledge areas and work experience,His hard work,Active learning,Summary in time,Frequent squatting on the front line of the project,Gradually grasped the level of land、Field Road、Construction processes and technical points of irrigation drainage project,The change from students to employees at the fastest speed。early 2008,The Dali Project Department started at the same time、Xiying、Nanying、Xiaozhuang、Small Garden、Gaocheng、Dongdi and other 7 projects,The longest distance between the project is nearly 40 kilometers,and the project department only three people,Specific construction tasks are pressed on him,Running during the day at all construction sites,Sort the information in the evening until the morning。Later, let's talk about the work during that time,He said,"I don’t know how to survive that time,Lost consciousness of running during the day,Abdominal pain to stay up late at night,Think about it later,It should be the strong fighting spirit of the heart to support yourself "。During the year,He almost gives up all vacations,Make more than 10,000 acres of projects pass the acceptance on time。There is always a return to pay,June 2008,His fastest speed at the company's promotion,Delivery as the deputy manager of the project、Deputy Minister of the Second Department of Engineering。

Transfer  Change

2010,The company formed the Yulin Project Department,dafabet mobile loginEntering Yulin Market。Sheng Xiaolei is the deputy manager of the project,Responsible for the Director Khan、Mengjiawan、The construction of projects and other projects、Technology and partial coordination work。"Can participate in the province's largest land rectification project,It's my honor ",This is what he often said。Local wind sand is serious,From the establishment of the project department to the completion acceptance of the project,He with all employees,solved the problem。After the Mengjiawan Project starts,After two major difficulties,In severe case,Dozens of migrant workers surround him for three days,Evil words,Even frequent threats。But he always maintains a sober mind,Persist in the correct opinion of the company's processing problem,Gradually resolve the problem,Make the project construction smoothly。Work of Yulin,Make him experience various resistances encountered in construction,Summary valuable experience for dealing with difficult problems,Completed the transformation from simple construction to project comprehensive work。

mention  Lift

Starting from 2013,Participate in the National Key Land Remediation Project "Yan'an City Gulf Land Pilot Project",It is mainly responsible for the construction of the Huaining River Land Rectification Project of Zihuangxian County, Zichang County、Management work。National Key Land Remediation Project,Requirement more,Standards higher,From contact project to project completion,He asked himself at a higher standard,I have learned the relevant processes of national key projects、Specification、Quality Standards,Strictly implement it during construction,Create the Huaining River project of Yanyucha Town as one of the "One Top Ten Demonstration Projects of Yan'an City Gulf Gully Land and Founding Project",received praise from leaders at all levels and local people。This is all incorporated into his large amount of hard work,Especially the initial mobilestage of the project,He is alone,Construction surface responsible for 60 kilometers、All coordination of 19 standard sections、Construction、Technology、Management、Safety and other work,Frequently eat and live in the construction unit of the construction unit,It guarantees that the project can start full work、Completion of planning and scheduled plan,Make sure that villagers can spring species on time。Yan'an's national key land improvement project work experience,Make his business ability、Coordination experience、The management level has been comprehensively improved。

Sheng Xiaolei said,Like to deal with land,Like to deal with land,I like to see a piece of barren land into a beautiful farmland in my own hands。