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Zhang Jun: Persist in fulfilling dreams, ordinary casting glory

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Zhang Jun carried out earthwork at Nanshan Garden Project

Disabled,Cool Summer,Busy footsteps,Ordinary figure,Expressing extraordinary interpretation in passion for the end,This is an ordinary front -line engineer -Zhang Jun,From the date of construction from the ground,It has formed an inexplicable relationship with "Yellow Land"。

June 2013,25 -year -old Zhang Jun,Graduated from a master's degree and successfully constructed dafabet loginthe Group (then the real estate development service company at the time) layer selection、Study out,Deducting to the survey and planning institute to engage in land engineering business,Since then, I have embarked on the hardship of the front -line employees of the land industry、Miscellaneous、Busy job。Although young,But more mature than peers、Stability and perseverance。For three years,He can always carry forward "Especially can hardly suffer,Special ability to fight,Special Innovation "ground construction spirit,To be honest and pragmatic work style、Working products that work hard and resentment are actively participating in the first line of the project,Repeat the most ordinary things in this ordinary job,The development of the group silently contributed its own light and heat,These ordinary collections have created an extraordinary engineer。

Zhang Jun was born in soil and water conservation professional,Full -time he is designed for land planning、Survey and other business feel does not follow the heart。New working areas and business needs,Let him deeply realize the lifelong learning concept of "work learning and learning work",Only if you refine your tough skills can you completely adapt to the rapid development of the group。Therefore,He always put business learning and knowledge reserves in the first place,Practical research、Diligence Learning,Make full use of all available time to improve your comprehensive ability。In a short time,He adapted to the environment and entered the work state of work in full swing。

For family,Zhang Jun is always full of guilt。Participate in extension since 2014、Changqing oil and gas land、The Menghua Railway Survey Development and Approval Projects,Due to the lack of project staff,He is alone,Early bottom touch of the project、Implementation management、The recovery of funds is the responsibilities of the front -line engineers。To ensure the smooth progress dafabet casino mobile appof the project,He in various counties and districts during the day、The project point will shuttle back and forth to coordinate;,Can be described as Night Siniors、Stuffy sleep。The whole year's working hours of the year nearly 300 days,The daily work is basically "on the road",The annual itinerary of more than 50,000 kilometers,Running soft legs,Over the mouth,Weekend vacation has become a "dream" for him。In such a busy and nervous work,He has almost no chance to go home。Wife who has a newly married wife every time I mentioned,He can only shake his head,Smile with a bitter smile means helpless ... how many promises have been eaten,All festivals can only be the same but not the same,Even the wife's production inspection can not be with me,Elderly parents can only see it once when the Spring Festival。He deeply blame himself in his heart,I feel that I owe my family too much,When the horn sounds again,He charge without regrets on the front line,Dedicated to the career you love。

As a front -line engineer,Bold innovation、Be sincere、Flora Wind is Zhang Jun's consistent style。His hard work、The work attitude and career ethics of the work and resentment have become the consensus of their peers,The attitude of serious and responsible and strong execution promotes him to "lead the task to go out,Return to the results of the war "。When I encounter a bottleneck when I encounter a bottleneck,He can always play his "wonderful thinking",Think of some new ideas、New ideas,Do your best to complete the task。He always has confidence when communicating with local units、Be humble and cautious,The service of the construction unit is even more improving、Don't worry about it。Therefore,Zhang Jun also became the "three -inch tongue" and "dog skin plaster" in the hearts of partners.。With perseverance and perseverance with perseverance,The projects he participated in 2015 have achieved staged victory,Also recovered the project of nearly dafabet mobile app50 million yuan for the project。At the same time,"Earth Construction" brand and image have been improved and improved,It laid a solid foundation for continuous cooperation。His rigorous work attitude and noble personality charm,vividly interpreted the corporate spirit of building groups,I got affirmation and appreciation from superior leaders,and won the "Advanced Personal" honorary title of the group company in 2015。

As an ordinary first -line land engineer,He keeps his duties in mind,Persist in your mission,Silently chasing the "Building Dream of Dream",Write a beautiful chapter with wisdom and sweat spectrum in the process of leapfrog development of the group。