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Xianyang Branch Party Committee organizes the theme party day activities

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April 12,The Party Committee of Xianyang Branch organized all cadres and staff to go to the Battle Memorial Museum of Fumei to carry out the theme party day event of "Revolutionary Revolutionary Pioneer" theme。

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Under the leadership of the interpreter,All party members and cadres visited the four exhibition areas of "induced the enemy deeply", "decisive fighting the eyebrows", "remembering the martyrs", "not forgetting the original heart",Battle course of the combination of the campaign to support the eyebrows,Study in the historical background of the Battle of Fumei、Fierce battle status and significance。Performance of a piece of precious physical object,Historical photos,Introduction to a paragraph of martyrs,The heroic deeds of thousands of heroes martyrs in the Battle of Fumei on the battlefield deeply touched the minds of each party member present。After the visit,All cadres and employees under the monument to the party flag's vow to enter the party。

Party members and cadres have expressed,This event is not only a vivid practice that promotes the continuous and deep practical practice of party history learning and education,It is even mobilemore inspired all party members and cadres to keep in mind the mission、The spiritual baptism of the hard work,The great patriotic spirit of the revolutionary martyrs will be inherited and carried forward in the future work,Remember History,Courage to take responsibility,With the original intention and mission of the Communist Party,Actively start a business with more full work enthusiasm,Contributions to the high -quality development of the branch should be strong。