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Weibei Branch grassroots party branch jointly carried out community volunteer service activities

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To promote the traditional Chinese virtue,Continue to deepen the work of "dual registration",April 25,Weibei Branch Fourth Party Branch and Qianwei Street Convention and Exhibition Center community to carry out love alone、Volunteer Service Activities of Empty Nest Elderly。


The theme of the activity is "Gathering with the" Gathering '耆' Le Rong ",Hosted a collective birthday party for the elderly in the elderly in the community jurisdiction。In the event,Volunteer talks with the elderly to warm heart,Details ask the elderly's family situation and health status,andfree clinic and other links、Eat cake、Sending flowers、free clinic and other links,Let the elderly living alone feel the warmth and social care of the family。 This event,Not only caring for the elderly living alone in the jurisdiction,It also strengthens the communication bridge between the project department and the community and the local people。Next,The Fourth Party Branch will continue to deepen dafabet loginthe party organization "Double Report",Actively participate in community volunteer service activities,Power and Land can do good things for the masses around you,Effectively improve the satisfaction and happiness of community residents。